Change between a item and scene

Hello I have this situation, in a design I have a button that should show a model, and when the button is pressed it should show a scene with the model incorporated in an image. My question is to do that? The recommendation is to change the itemID of the player dynamically or there is a way to put an asset that as part of its own configuration in the asset logic

Hey Luis I’m not sure I follow - would you like the end result to be an image of the item in a scene or are you trying to re-initialize the threekit player with the product in a scene?

Hi @Ian ,

This is a bit difficult to explain, but yes. I have two things, one is the model with a configurator, and I also have a scene with another model but I simulate the single model applied in an extended area.

For example, I have a brick model and I also have a scene with a brick ceiling.

It is possible to set an attribute such as a switch to show the brick with all the settings or to show the ceiling with the configured bricks.

ohh I see, yes that should be possible by setting the model that is in the scene to be either the brick or the ceiling model. You may need to tie the rule to a camera angle as well to get the effect you are looking for as well.