Catalog Item not returning

Hi Will,

We created an account on the admin domain (I believe that’s the production environment). Basically I wanted to test the same setup that we did on preview.threekit domain. But on the front end, below url gives us a CORS violation. I checked the list of domains that are allowed by the bearer_token and it looks good. Not sure what’s wrong.{BEARERTOKEN}&metadata={“ItemId”:“727767”}&orgId={ORGID}

By loading above url, we get this instead on the browser:
{“status”:401,“code”:“users_service_unavailable”,“message”:“Error reaching users service”}

But if I run the preview url like this:{BEARERTOKEN}&metadata={"ItemId":"727767"}&orgId={ORGID}

We get the json data back on preview:
{“products”:[{“id”:“1432f0c5-4ffd-4c7b-ab7a-287967b33a3e”,“proxyId”:“f7639796-07b0-4ca4-9a24-02f04223456d”,“name”:“Bretford TVC16”,“description”:“CUBE Cart”,“metadata”:{“ItemId”:“727767”},“orgId”:“ORGID”,“tags”:[],“keywords”:[]}]}

Can you let me know if I am missing something.


Actually, I think i found the issue.
It’s not looks like, has to be

Please let me know if that was the issue.

Hi Suresh, admin is actually our deprecated environment and no longer receives updates. Admin-FTS is the stable production environment.

Bearer tokens are not reusable across environments or orgs, if you are calling an API endpoint on admin/admin-fts/preview you will need a token for each environment. The only way IDs of assets or catalog items may be the same between orgs is if they were migrated directly by Threekit, so please ensure the ItemID you are trying to retrieve is correct.

Please also check your OrgID and make sure that is correct.

Can you double check those details and let me know if you are still experiencing some trouble?