Catalog Item- Different Attribute Values based on another Attribute value

We have 2 attributes

  1. Design
  2. Material

The Material Attribute has many options. We would like to filter the options based on the value selected in Design Attribute. We tried by creating rules but it didn’t work. Please suggest how we can achieve the same.

Can you elaborate on what you are trying to achieve by filtering?

Is this something you are trying to achieve on the platform? If you are trying to filter options where the asset is embedded on a store there are front-end approaches we can take as well.

We do have a new feature called Data Tables which could be a good use-case for this, if you can provide more information on what you would like to achieve I can look into it for you.

I have edited your post to remove the link to your asset.

Actually the values of Attributes need to filtered to show only the possible options for that combination.

Use Case
Attribute 1 Possible Options
Rectangle Split
Round Revolving

based on Attribute 1 value Second attribute (Material) will be populated
if Round then Wood, Marble transparent , lacquered
if square same as above
rectangle only Transparent
rectangular split Wood Marble Glass lacquered
Round revolving Glass Lac and Wood

similarly for attribute 3 values will be populated based on 2.

we would like to filter the option where the asset is embedded

Hi Prashant I’m looking into this - our new data tables feature may help but I am looking for documentation.

Hi, Prashant.

You can create a CSV with 2 columns.
Column 1: Rectangle, Round, etc.
Column 2 : Material ID 1, 2, etc.

When importing to Data Tables, select String & Asset for the data types.

In the catalog, when setting your rule.
Action : Set Attribute Value
Target your Material Attribute and set the result to Query.
Choose your Data Table and set the query params to: Select Column 2 Where Attr 1 = Column 1.

hello @tone Tony,
i tried the Data table approach.
my both Data type were string. the dependent attribute is set to one value. i want if attribute 1 is Round, Attribute 2 should have 4 values. so i want from data table it should pick all values where attribute 1 is Round.

Data Table Screenshot

It looks like you don’t want to set attribute values, you just want to restrict values with certain table types. Currently “Set Attribute Value Visible/Enable” is not available in Data Table Queries.