Can I set zoom for a 2d Player snapshot?

I’m trying to take a snapshot of the 2D player via the snapshotAsync call. If I want to have some zoom on the image, how do I do this? Does the snapshotAsync take a zoom parameter? Or can I modify the zoom in the player manually prior to taking the snapshot?

The snapshotAsync() method is able to accept the following parameters:

   size: {width: 123, height: 456},
   mimeType: 'image/jpeg', // 'image/jpeg', 'image/png', or 'image/webp'
   cameraId: "fdad61da-ce68-41e7-aafc-fbff9e8f6e9e"

There is a player API for manipulating the zoom of a camera but I believe that only applies to the 3D player.