Can I apply texture/mesh to a logo image?


We need to upload the client’s logos on the fly and need to give it a metal or embroidery look instead of just an image showing up on the 3D model.

Is this a possibility? Logos will be uploaded on the fly only.


Hi Nitesh,

Just to get some more information, are you trying to set up an attribute for consumer logo uploading or are you trying to upload a predetermined logo and apply it to a material?

If it is the second option the following steps should help. Add a plane to your model asset. Make a material and change the material’s Render Category from Automatic to Cut-Out Transparent. Input your logo opacity map into the Opacity Image Asset. From here you should be able to adjust the material’s base color, metallic, roughness, or other settings to get your desired look. Lastly, apply this material to the plane. There are multiple ways to achieve this look but this is one of the simplest. Let me know if that helps!

Hello @npremo Nicole

we are trying to setup an attribute for consumer logo uploading.

You will set up the material and model asset in a similar way for this workflow, so do those steps also. There will be more work done on the Texture Asset to drive that consumer logo upload functionality.

Create a texture asset and add a Canvas Composite from the operator list. On the texture asset, go to the logic tab and select Add Attribute and select Texture. Then create a new rule. In that rule select Add Action. Then select set property . In the Set section navigate to the canvas composite source image. In the To section change the setting to attribute and select the attribute you just created. Go back to the image asset and add a BlackWhite operator. Adjust the threshold as needed.

You will need to bring the attribute up the hierarchy. Next, go to your material and input the texture asset you created into the Opacity Image Asset. Add the attribute name to the material’s logic tab. Go into your model asset and add the attribute name there as well. When you get to the catalog item under Add an Attribute select Image Upload. Match the name to the texture asset rule you created. The catalog item matches image uploads to texture attributes.

With this setup, an uploaded image is converted to an alpha texture and applied to your material. There are numerous ways you can set something like this up. It depends on the look you desire. The texture asset can be set up with a canvas composite operator that let you determine where and how the image upload are processed. The material can be adjusted to get the look you want and texture asset can be inputted in any of the material’s image asset sections. You can put the texture asset in any portion of the material. Setup what works best for your requirements.