Camera API Integration

Hello Will,

Can you suggest us how we can integrate Camera API . We want to get our product position on the basis of camera selection using API and want to show our end customer.

For example : camera1, camera2, camera3, camera4, camera5

Below is our site url where we want to implement. Kindly check and let us know.
Site URL:-edited

Vikram Sharma

Hi Vikram,

Please refer to this post for one potential approach on how to set cameras.

Let me know if this is helpful!

Hello Will,

We are trying to rotate product using configurator API and we have set 12 cameras of product.

We are try with below mentioned code but this is not working:

window.configurator.setConfiguration({ Camera Selection: Camera3 });

Kindly suggest us how we can implement.


Hi Vikram,

Do the cameras you are trying to target exist in your asset or scene? You will need to place them into your scene and set up rules to target those cameras.


If Attribute Camera Angle = 1 → Set Active Camera to 1Camera

Ok we have done.

Thanks Will

Hello Will,

We are not able to change the color with the below mentioned code. Kindly help us how we can solve this problem.

window.configurator.setConfiguration({ “Standing Seam Color”: “Copper”});

Kindly check the screenshot.

Hi VIkram,

When you use a String value to set the configuration, that attribute type in Threekit must also be the type String.

It appears in your screenshot the Standing Steam Color attribute is an asset type with a value containing an object {assetId: 123-456-789, name: "Color-Name"}. You must set the configuration with the assetId value and not the name value. Please try this and let me know if it works.

Hello Will,

We have tried as you suggested us with below mentioned example but this is not working.

window.configurator.setConfiguration({ “Standing Seam Color”: ‘57f0fcb3-3437-48be-89aa-32b8904029c1’ });

Sorry if I was not clear enough - you will have to give the configurator API the assetID in an object. Please try it like this and let me know if you still have trouble:
window.configurator.setConfiguration({ “Standing Seam Color”: {assetId: "57f0fcb3-3437-48be-89aa-32b8904029c1"} })

Now It’s working.

Thanks Will

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Happy to help! Please let me know if I can assist further.