Attaching dimensions?

I might have missed it, but is there a way to “attach” line dimension start and endpoints to geometry? Or do you just have to calculate the translation points when you stretch or size geometry?

I did try using box dimensions, but when I stretch the geometry, they don’t seem to reflect the change properly.


Hey Todd -

Have you seen these documents?

I believe box dimensions should update when the geometry changes - let me know if your setup matches the doc and I will verify if there is a bug.

Alternatively with line dimensions you can specify the start and end nodes.

Let me know what you see or if this helps. Thanks!

Hi Will - that was the doc I was following, and I guess it looks like I’ll have to do the calcs for the endpoints.

The box dimensions did actually change, but they weren’t attached - they went off the geometry just a bit, wasn’t a lot, but very noticeable. They are attached to geometry I just stretch, but there is a margin with the geometry - maybe that’s my issue?


Does changing the offset property on the dimensions help you at all? They are designed to move and the position is customizable so I wonder if they are just set to an incorrect position. If you have a screenshot that could be helpful.

Aha! So I was re-creating my box dimensions, and accidentally figured it out. My frame does, in fact have children, but I have them all turned off. So I unchecked this box:

And now they behave themselves like I would expect. Never even thought about that one!

Thanks for all the help!

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Fantastic! Happy to help.