Asset downloaded as STP files not displaying correctly


Here is what it looks like in the CAD program- NX

Downloaded from Items (

Hi Keri - for clarification: are you saying when you export a STP from Threekit and opening it another CAD program it displays as you see in the screenshot?

Can you please provide me a direct link to the asset and let me know which CAD program you are using?

NX is the CAD program. Here is the link direct link to the asset Surveyor_Vest - Threekit

The answer is yes to your first question. Thank you

Is there a way for you to confirm that this is not simply a display setting in NX? I have exported the model and opened it in different program without any issues.

Perhaps this may be helpful. If I can help further please follow up in this thread.

Thanks Will for your investigation and response.

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