AR Assets show weird AO patterns that the normal player does not

My 3d model looks great in the player…but when I use AR functionality, I get weird patterns, from what seems to be the Ao image. Anyway to control this for the AR asset?

There are a variety of ways you can control Threekit’s AO between devices/experiences. One approach is to use Proxy Materials, which are available on Preview and Admin-FTS. I believe the org you have this chair on is in our deprecated environment,, which is no longer receiving updates and does not have this functionality.

One thing you can check on your Admin org is to ensure every texture map tiles at a ratio of 1 - this may help with the tiling.

I’m gonna guess you have more than one UV set? USDZ, the format used by iOS AR, only supports one UV channel.

It’s quite common to use one UV set with everything in a single tile for baked lighting, AO, etc and a second UV set with “world scale” UVs for tiling textures like fabric.

Alas, the developers of USDZ in their wisdom did not think mulitple UV sets a necessary feature. What you have there looks like a baked AO pass using the world scale UVs.