Advanced custom scripts

Hi, I’m trying to create an advanced configurator with many dependencies. I decided to try custom script and I have a few questions. (I did not find an answer in the documentation).

  1. How to get information about the object. I use scene.find to get the id… but how do I get its transform?
  2. Is it possible to create/destroy a 3d object using a script?
  3. What does the custom script trigger? Is this any change to the form?
  4. I am using scene.set to make changes. Is this the optimal method? these changes can be many at once.
    Is it possible to create a script over rules-level that could handle the events and send it to the scene? and this script could store the references. :slight_smile:

I hope you understand what’s going on :wink:

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and my question: Is it possible to change the units on which the stage operates? By default, we now have meters and we need to represent in inches.

Ad 1. I found method scene.get and it does what I need :slight_smile: So only 3 questions are open :wink: