Adding Graphics

is there a way to insert a JPG as a graphic onto an asset?

I have the circled graphics in a jpg and I am trying to paste it onto the model in the workspace.
I am also having trouble importing the JPG into the asset tab

Hi Logan,

I’m a little unclear sorry do you need to have the images be available for a configurable upload? if so there is a tutorial on that here, if you don’t need the graphics to change then they can be applied to a material as a part of its texture, alternatively, you can follow the tutorial above and not have the image driven by a configurable asset but set it to a specific texture instead. I hope this helps.


Hey Ian!

Sorry that initial post was a little unclear. So the problem I am having is that I have a model of the wakeboard and the base colors all done in the website.

and the next step I need to do is add the individual images I circled in red in the picture in the original post. So the images I upload need to had a set size and orientation. I am trying to figure out how to correctly upload and place these images on the model. Luckily the images don’t need to change so that gets rid of some complexity. Unfortunately that link in your reply is not working.

Thank you for your help!

Hi Logan, apologies for the broken link our documentation just moved so that content lives somewhere else and actually I’m not sure if it’s applicable.

What you need to do is create a material for your item and those graphics would be a texture in your material. Here is some information on texture mapping. If you need some additional support on how to create a texture & material please let me know and I will find some resources for you.