Adding engraved text to bottle

“can you please help me how we can position text. the text i am adding to bottle looks more like text on top”

One approach to creating an ‘engraved’ like text would be to update your material. In the material that has the text-canvas, use that texture in the bump map and then use a negative value to make the text appear engraved in the item. You will have to use a font with proper gradations, some fonts will not work as well as others.

Thanks @Will for the suggestion. i will try this .

and how we can position the text at specific location.

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how we can position the text at specific location.

@Prashant, normally I would create texture coordinates in my 3D modeling program (Maya, Blender, etc). Are you able to do that?

I see that Threekit has, in the model properties, Polymesh>Add Operator>UV Map which probably does the same thing, but it’s probably easier to do this in the 3D modeling program.

Thanks Adam! Sorry Prashant, I missed the second portion of your question. Inside the texture you have the canvas on, the Canvas Text operator has positioning options you can manipulate. PositionX and PositionY may be helpful.

Thanks @adamgravois i will try your suggestion using 3d modeling pgm