2D player . Render image

We have a project where client doesn’t want 3D player . He want the photos to be shown as 2D in carousel . One approach is render all the possible combinations . And using layer API get the fileID.

But the no of combinations would be very high . Approx 1 Million .

What would be the best approach. Rendering the combination selected on the fly ??

Client need webGL.

Hi Prashant, can you please help me understand the use-case more? The client has a webGL project but they do not want to use our 3D player? You can render on the fly but it may take a moment to render & retrieve the file ID. Rendering ahead of time is more performant but it seems like there are a lot of possibilities.

The client doesn’t want 3D player . As the customer is customizing the product , in carousel three images of the customized product should come at different camera angles .

And is there a way so that we can hide the player alone and show the configurator .

There is not a way to show just the configurator without the player at the moment. The forum is able to help with development questions, how-to’s, and things of that nature. This question seems a bit more consultative - I am going to have someone on our team reach out to you to help investigate a solution.