2D "Dimensions" in 3D Models?

I’ve been looking at the shape objects and Canvas Text Operators. I need to add dimensions to a model for a customer, something along these lines:

I’ve toyed with the idea of dimension lines as actual model entities, something like this:

The “billboard” above my geometry would just be set to a transparent material, and my text layered on top of that.

So a couple of questions - is there a way to combine 2D lines/text to make a “dimension” model, or is that not possible? I did try pulling in an SVG vector image - it does show as it’s own “Vector” type, but I don’t seem to be able to do anything with it, including pulling it into a model as a node - so I’m guessing this isn’t the right approach?

Finally, if I do the 3D model text texture method, how do I do that? I do seem to be missing some basic steps. I read through this post: Converting text input from user into pre-made number models - #7 by Phil, which is what got me thinking about using 2D objects, but I don’t seem to understand how to create a “shape”. I can add the “Mesh from Shape”, but there’s no geometry as I guess I don’t have any “Shapes” to point it to?

I did a search in the documentation and this forum, but I don’t see how to do this.

Any help is appreciated - thanks!

Hi Todd,

My first thought would be to use canvas-text operators, were you unable to get them working or did it not meet your needs? On the texture level of a material you can add the Canvas Text operator to add text. Then you’d have to use that texture in the material and apply it to your billboard.

Let me know if I can help you test or find another approach.

Hi Will,

Thanks for jumping in here. I’m not doing something right, just not sure what. Here’s my texture, which does have a variable:

The variable/rules appear to work:

So I think I’m good with my texture and canvas, not sure if I’m creating the material correctly. I added the texture as the base image - maybe that should be added somewhere else?

So when I apply my material to my “billboard”, this is what I see:

Not quite sure what I need to do…

My thoughts about using shapes for the arrowheads, dimension lines, witness lines etc., was to keep them a bit less “clunky”.


Hi Todd -

I’ll send you an email. I’d like to approach this from 2 angles.

  1. We want to help debug this issue, but first we need to know it’s a current issue on the latest release (Not Admin)
  2. We’re scoping a product feature for this now and would like to make sure your input is heard to make this simpler next time.

@tcarpenter hey Todd - I wanted to follow up on this thread. Our newest release to Preview adds dimension annotations for your 3D and 2D players.

You can see more details here.