PostEffects: Glints? Glows? Godrays?

Like the title says, is there a way to add glows or glints to the scene rendering?
Are there any post effects besides SAO and Sketch Pass?

Doing a jewelry project, some highlight glint would really be nice.
You KNOW that every client goes gaga for the three G’s:
Glows, Glints, and God Rays

Hey Adam

Unfortunately as far as post effects go the only other for webGL currently is the video overlay shader which I do not believe would be helpful for this project.

for glints, particularly related to jewelry the gem shader is a great tool, this forum post goes into some more detail.

For glows, I would point you to the emissive material property

as far as god rays go I don’t believe there is any tool for that currently.


Thanks for the reply, Ian. Is it possible to program custom post effects in Threekit?

The gem shader is a nice improvement over standard PBR. But the Glint I have in mind is a post effect that smears bright pixels like so:
Really makes jewelry look luxe.

Emissive is essential but not the same as Glow. Which screen feels “bright”?

Both of these are essential post effects that almost always add visual richness. Consider this a formal feature request, or where can I send a feature request? Can I write my own?

Thanks, Adam

It is not possible to program post effects, unfortunately.

You can consider this your feature request, I will enter it into our system. If there is any more information you’d like me to include you can email me at

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